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Blown Film Line Animation


A picture is worth a thousand words. Animations speak volumes.

Animation Industrial

Macro Engineering is a global leader in the plastic film and sheet industry. For their NPE trade show display, animations were prepared for a new 9-Layer Blown Film Die and both CPP and Biax extrusion lines. The latter two were fully blown production lines with a flyby blown film line animation illustrating each phase of the extrusion process. This 3D marketing animation was a success for Macro at their tradeshow.


3deeit Industrial Animation Services

At 3deeit we aim to provide the best animations possible, no matter how complicated the process. We can use existing CAD drawings to ensure the utmost accuracy. If your product is an assembly line, oil and gas, agricultural, electrical, or any other industrial process. Learn more about 3deeit animation services.


3deeit is a full service 3D animation studio based in Squamish, B.C., specializing in technical and product animations and engineering graphics for trade-show videos, instructional videos, product marketing videos and more!