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Agricultural Animation


Industrial Animation: The John Deere S-Series Combine

Agricultural Animation

3deeit was tasked with animating the Dyna-Flo™ Plus Cleaning System with Active Terrain Adjustment™, a two segment animation in a larger product video. First, we had to convert multiple-thousand part CAD assemblies and prepare the 3D model for the animation process. Following that, we worked with the engineering team at John Deere to learn about the machine and replicate accurate motion of the components.

High Definition Agricultural Animation

Once this was approved, we continued by adding realistic materials and lighting to the parts. At that point, the final animation was rendered by our server farm to create a beautiful high definition animation.

The highlight – and challenge – of this project was animating hundreds of thousands of grain particles following the path they would normally take through the machine.

3Deeit Animation Services

At 3deeit we can tailor animations to fit your exact needs. We can take complex CAD drawings and layers of engineering to provide a precise and accurate animation of your product that is easy to understand. Learn more about our industrial and product animation services.


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