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Automotive Components Animation


Automotive Component Animation for MoldMasters

Animation Industrial

How many injection molded parts are there in a car?

Too many to show in one video! MoldMasters, a manufacturer of injection molding equipment, asked us to do a trade-show video to highlight several components of a vehicle that are manufactured using injection molding. The final automotive components animation used motion graphics to brightly highlight each component.


Automotive Components Animation Services

You can use 3deeit’s animation services to help highlight key features of your products. From automotive products to medical to industrial processes 3deeit can simplify the complex. This makes it easy for consumers, employees, and sales teams to understand your product.  Learn more about our animation services.


3deeit is a full service 3D animation studio based in Squamish, B.C., specializing in technical and product animations and engineering graphics for trade-show videos, instructional videos, product marketing videos and more!