Based in small-town Squamish, B.C. and built on the concept of bringing big ideas to life, 3deeit is a full-service 3D animation studio specializing in technical product animation & graphics for all forms of marketing videos.
Whether you’re looking to highlight your product’s features, create instructional videos for clients, or need something to help you stand out on the trade show circuit, 3deeit’s unique, high quality technical animation services will render you – and your customers – speechless.
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Our Services

Take your 3D CAD data to the next level and breathe life and realism into your products, processes or services.

Product Animation

Defy physics! Cut-away views, transparencies, floating parts and exploded views are great tools to focus on the product feature you’re trying to highlight.

Photorealistic Rendering

Think you’ve done all you can do with product photography? 3deeit can highlight features of your product and display it front-and-center in high, clear quality without background clutter and noise.

Trade Show Videos

Tell your product’s story in a stunning visual manner. No more walls of text, no more language barriers: just a compelling, creative way to reach a global audience and make your business stand out.

Product Animation Reel

Want to see a small slice of what 3deeit’s technical 3D animation and graphics can do? Take a look at our demo reel to see some of the products, processes and services across various industries we’ve helped bring to life on screen.

  • Testimonial
    We are constantly looking for that next “visual speed bump” for our trade show booth and 3deeit gave us that professional high end appearance we desired. We will be using them again and again to separate us from our competitors.
    Chris Round – Global Marketing ManagerBlakell Europlacer (Intl) Ltd.
  • Testimonial
    We worked with 3deeit on a major product launch project. The result was absolutely fantastic. The Canadian and US sale team as well as our customers were impressed with the animation work. More importantly, the product was extremely well presented throughout the animation. The message and the value proposition was very clear to the customers.
    Ehsan Behboudi – Product Manager, Panelboards & SwitchboardsEaton Corporation
  • Testimonial
    As a marketer of industrial production machinery I’m very familiar with the challenges encountered when trying to describe and differentiate value of complex and large mechanical systems without the use of a visual aid. 3deeit has provided us with cost-effective tools on several occasions to help us market our products effectively.
    Andrew Erskine – Marketing ManagerMacro Advanced Extrusion Systems
  • Testimonial
    As a marketer, I understand the value of using technical product animation to help market complex machines, systems, and processes. 3deeit is one of the most gifted animation studios, they understand how to communicate difficult concepts with awesome video 3D animations. I recommend 3deeit for highly engineered, photo-realistic animations
    Jim Beretta - Marketing ConsultantCustomer Attraction
The 3deeit Process:

Wondering how 3deeit can take your product, process or service and turn it into a full, high-quality animation? Watch this video to see how it works and learn more about the benefits of product animation.

Why 3deeit?

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The short answer is, why not? The longer answer is, because you want to stand out. Because a few blurbs of copy and a couple of high-quality images simply don’t do your products justice. 3D is a format that allows your marketing to be as unique as your business.

Effective Communication

3deeit animations and graphics effectively and professionally communicate how your product/process works in its intended environment.

Customized to your Product

We tailor every project to every client’s individual specifications. All animation projects are catered to meet their marketing and branding needs.

Technical Professionals

As opposed to a traditional marketing agency, our Mechanical Engineering background helps us understand the intricate technical details of a customers’ product or process.

Latest Technologies

Like any industry, ours is one with constantly evolving and rapidly emerging technologies, and we are always pushing ourselves to stay up-to-date on the latest news and developments to meet the high standards our clients expect.

On Time Delivery

All 3deeit animation and graphics projects are estimated with built in revision times for maximum project efficiency.

Use in Multiple Forms of Media

The resultant 3d graphics can be used in various other marketing mediums – brochure stills, packaging, website graphics to name a few.

Our Clients

Here's a list of some of the clients 3deeit has worked with on technical animation and graphics projects:


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