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Medical Product Animation: Case Study


Medical Product Animation Case Study

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The Plié Prosthetic Knee is one of the most advanced prosthetic medical devices on the market. 3deeit created this exploded 3d animation to highlight the technology that went into this medical device.

How 3deeit Created an Exploded View Animation to Highlight Key Product Components of a Prosthetic Leg

The Challenge: A Product Tour That Showcased All Key Features

In January 2017, Freedom Innovations, a developer of world-class lower limb prosthetic solutions, came to 3deeit with a project request: a product tour of the Plié prosthetic leg that definitively highlighted all of its main components.

The overall idea was a visual tour, done in the style of a product animation that would show and highlight all of the capabilities of the prosthetic. The final cut of the video was to be posted on YouTube and utilized as a marketing tool for the company.

The Solution: An Exploded View Animation That Offered a Full Product Tour

To start, 3deeit took the CAD files, which were supplied in STEP format, and stripped apart the assembly in order to conduct a product animation tour of each area: the power, microprocessor, bearings and stance, just to name a few.

This was the key aspect of the project: in order to effectively demonstrate all of the product’s key components, we had to isolate each individual one and provide an animation that did not detract from the video’s quality or prevent the audience from understanding how every aspect of the prosthetic leg worked.

Once this was done, the rest was simple for us to put together.

The Results: A Quality Medical Product Animation Used As Marketing Collateral

The final result of 3deeit’s efforts was a technical animation done in stunning 1920×1080 HD resolution. Freedom Innovations subsequently posted the video to YouTube and used it to market the product.

In the end, we were able to provide a high quality exploded view animation that delivered on the expectation of a clear, concise and impressive product demonstration.


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